Imagine looking in the mirror and loving who you see.

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I help you love who you see in the mirror WITHOUT years of struggle and therapy.

I help women who feel stuck in their lives eliminate anxiety, love their bodies, and fearlessly conquer depression, liberating them to unapologetically be who they truly are.

I am an expert at helping women rediscover their inner worthiness, because I lost, then found mine.

I am a Master Level Practitioner in NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis.

Ready for a radical change?

I work with women from all over the world to help them break free from body-hate and food obsession so they can finally start stepping into that amazing woman who is already there inside of them.

Isn't it time to shed the guilt and break free?

Imagine if you could lose weight easily and effortlessly, without dieting, and truly love who you are.
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Elaine lost 90lbs & started dating


Liz got rid of body issues & gained self-confidence


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