The Rapid Relief Method has a 97% Success Rate.

Here's Why:

Feel like you've tried everything? Sick of feeling anxious, unhappy, panicked and like nothing will ever work for you? I get it. My personal coaching helps clients just like you, get the results they've always wanted.

One on One Breakthrough Coaching

If you want a completely exclusive, personalized experience, my programs are for you.

We meet on Zoom for weekly sessions to get you to your goals fast.

This is a proven process and has a 97% success rate!

I don't work with everyone. If you are to be my client, you must be willing to go all in and be truly ready to heal.

What can you expect when you work with Eleni?

Eleni's Rapid Relief Method is about results. It is not typical therapy. She helps you identify the root problem, and then she guides you through her process to get rid of it, using Time Line Therapy®, NLP, Hypnosis and other techniques.

Feel Joy Again

When we eliminate the patterns, traumas and negative emotions from the past, it's like a weight has been lifted.

Calm and In Control

You are able to eliminate anxiety and create calm in your life.

Old Traumas Gone

Move out of the past and stop thinking about old events. Behaviours and feelings associated with them disappear.