3 Weight Loss Mistakes Even Smart Women Make

Are you always thinking about getting healthier, and want to lose weight, but just can't seem to make it happen?

Over my many years as a personal trainer, and now, as a Breakthrough Specialist, I hear ALL THE TIME about women wanting to lose weight. But here's the thing...

We are all making some major mistakes... 

1. Dieting.

Yup, that's right. Dieting.

It totally works - IN THE SHORT TERM.

Put up your hand if you want to be on a diet your whole life...

Thought so.

How about never again eating your favourite foods, and when you do, feeling guilty and like a failure?

Sound like a good time?

Or do you enjoy dieting, losing weight, then dieting again, because you gained the weight back, and then dieting again, only this time it's so much harder, and then restricting more foods because THIS DIET HAS GOT TO WORK? Right.

Did you ever think that you and your body know exactly what you need to eat, and when?

To trust yourself, instead of trusting a guy who doesn't know you who made up a diet? 

Now, I'm not saying to eat tons of crap, all the time. Your body needs nourishing, healthy foods...

But you also need to enjoy life, and eating flexibility.

Did that last diet work for you? Maybe it's time for a new strategy.

I teach women how to get rid of the negative thoughts, emotions and patterns around food, forever, and listen to their unconscious mind and body, to eat intuitively, so dieting becomes unnecessary.

2. Hating Yourself

This sounds harsh, I know. But have you ever put on an outfit, stood in front of the mirror and said "Ugh I look fat"?

Do you constantly feel like achieving your weight loss or health goals are so out of reach?

Do you think you're a failure because you didn't stick to your diet or 5 day/week bootcamp?

What if there was a way to reach your goals, but to actually feel good about yourself the whole time? 

What if there was a way to take time for yourself without guilt, and love how the process of health and fitness makes you feel? 

When I work with a woman on weight loss, or body image, we work on the underlying cause of these negative patterns and eliminate them...

We install self-love and worthiness, so your body becomes a part of you that you love and honour.

3. Over Exercising or Doing Exercise You Hate

Everyone knows you have to exercise to lose weight.

Punishing, killer exercise with someone yelling at you, right?

Now, that's something I actually enjoy, but it sure isn't for everyone.

You can get fit by exploring what you enjoy and lose weight doing something fun.

So many people tell me they hate working out - and are working out solely to lose weight.

That is what I call an "away from" goal.

In life, we are always moving away from pain, or toward pleasure.

When we move toward pleasure, and are focused on creating pleasure by reaching a goal, the goal can be reached easily and effortlessly...

If you are running from pain, or fear, to reach a goal, it makes it unpleasant, hard, and often difficult to reach...

What sounds better:

I am working out every day because I need to lose 20 pounds because I hate how I look, or I exercise daily because it gives me energy and makes me strong and vibrant.

Where do you want to be?

As you might know, or maybe have guessed, weight loss starts in your brain, not in your body.

You see, we all have negative emotions we carry with us, negative beliefs about ourselves, maybe events or trauma that weigh heavy on us.

If some of all that junk we carry in our brain is about self-hate, the belief we can't lose weight, or maybe that we don't DEEP DOWN deserve to look and feel the way we want to, the unconscious mind stops you from reaching your goals...

And then we prove to ourselves over and over again that we can't reach those goals by gaining back weight, failing at diets, and not being able to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

It is your unconscious mind that is keeping you stuck.

It's not your fault, and you can totally work to release all that stuff, so you can move forward and reach all your health goals.

You can reach your goals to lose weight, get fit, become healthy and love yourself... and we start from the inside out.

Change your brain, and your body will follow!


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