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What To Do When Your Anxiety Comes Back

Aug 10, 2020

Over the past few months I've had many past clients reaching out to me. Some had new issues popping up, some had old stuff coming back. Covid stirred some shit up!

Our brains are always looking for stability and security. When Covid hit, it was nowhere to be found. And our brains started to find the old things that we did in unstable times in the past. Anxiety, anyone? Insommnia? Stress? Panic attacks? They can come back because of certain events or situations in life. The thing is that most life situations end. Covid has no actual end in sight. It's super hard to find stability in times like this!

People needing help again isn't strange at all, except that in my training, there was a "one and done" mentality. That we see clients, help them eliminate their problems, and then off they go. Now that is true, to a point. I can help my clients rewire their brains so their problems like anxiety or trauma disappear. But here's the thing. I can't control what life throws at them. I can't control global pandemics. I can't control things that weren't a problem when we worked together suddenly becoming an issue. 

And I work on my own stuff all the time. I was always wondering, am I more messed up than anyone? Why do I need all this help? Well, of course the answer is that we all need ongoing support. We all have tons of "stuff". I also realized that if I had been working with my clients more consistently, we would have caught these issues before they became problems, and dealt with them quickly. 

So while I can't stop a global pandemic, I can help clients find peace and stability within themselves, so no matter what happens, they will be ok. And this is all much easier when there is consistency and accountability in our work together.

Because of this, I have created more, longer programs that will serve my clients in the best way. If I need longterm healing and brain work, others do as well. And whether you're trying to get through a pandemic, or just life, it helps when someone always has your back.

If you can benefit from help with anxiety AND life, book a call and let's figure it out. Click here to book your free call.

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