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Are You Freaked Out And Anxious AF?

Mar 14, 2020

Everyone seems to be freaking out about the pandemic that's happening right now. And yes, we should be cautious. 

Even people who don't struggle with anxiety are becoming scared, anxious and freaked out (toilet paper hoarding, anyone??)

 But for people who already have anxiety or have suffered past trauma, events like this can be a minefield. It's like your anxiety has anxiety. And maybe you were able to manage it before, but now it feels out of control.

You see, your brain is hard wired to make the bad things big. It can protect us, but often doesn't serve us. And when the world seems to be going topsy-turvy, that old anxiety is like, "woo-hoo! Here's some more stuff I can worry about and fixate on!" And everything feels worse.

So what if we could change that?

What if we could get rid of the anxiety altogether, so you could feel resourceful, clear-headed, and handle everything you need to handle, without fear or panic?

Sound nuts? Totally possible.

 Anxiety is fear of the future, but it stems from events that have happened in the past. When an event happens in the present, your brain looks for sameness, and (unconsciously) goes back to the past where anxiety or fear was first created, and pulls that forward to the present, neurologically. If we know this, we can create breaks in this pattern, in the brain, so that your brain can no longer run that pattern of anxiety. It simply goes away. You can learn more about this process here.

The amazing thing is, that you can absolutely control the pattern of anxiety and fear. This makes you clear headed and able to make decisions from a rational place. (Something so necessary right now!)

If you feel like your anxiety is at an all time high and would like some advice, or to learn about how my program works to take it away very quickly, you can book in for a free breakthrough session. here.

Also, stayed tuned. I'll be blogging more this week with ways to get and stay resourceful and in control.

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