Channel Your Inner Athena

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2017

Did you know that the goddess Athena popped out of Zeus’s head, fully grown and clad in armour? How cool is that? She represents wisdom and clear thinking, and level headedness in battle. She didn’t use brute force in war, but relied on her wisdom to win wars.

So what can we harness from this? I like to think of Athena as the brains of the operation- thinking logically, with that quiet power and confidence that fosters admiration and respect. I think of her as an Oprah – a powerful career woman or business owner. A mom who puts up with no crap, or someone who plays in a man’s world, and wins. A lawyer who sticks up for those who can’t defend themselves, a young girl braving herself against a bully in the schoolyard. Athena gives us our strength.

Athena can help us realize our limiting beliefs around confidence, and to realize our potential. She wouldn’t let anyone tell her what her role should be or how she should behave. She is strong and fearless, but fair.

When you harness your Athena, you are in your power suit (or dress or track pants) feeling like you know your shit. You have the utmost confidence in your knowledge and are ready for battle. You are getting ready to give a kick-ass presentation, or impress at a meeting or calmly stand up for what is right. Maybe you are going to stand up for others, or give someone a voice. You are in your element, and everyone knows it.

How do you get your Athena going? Stand in your power stance, feet wide, arms out. Breathe deep. Exhale fear, inhale confidence. Take up space. Do good things for others. Be good to yourself. Be fit and strong, and know that deep down, you are a warrior!



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