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Do You Have Re-entry Anxiety?

Jun 08, 2021

A little over a year ago, the world shut down.

It was scary. Everything was unknown, there was no end in sight. We got used to a "new normal", but the truth was, it sucked. We stayed home, isolated, and all we could think about was getting back to the way things used to be.

Then the vaccines arrived! Freedom was coming! Maybe we can get back to normal! Things are starting to open back up! This is totally what we wanted!

So why does the thought of going to a restaurant or gathering fill you with panic? Why do you still want to stay at home and stay safe? What's going on?

Your brain is always looking for stability and sameness. This past year has disrupted that. All the things you thought were predictable, and normal parts of life, like school, work, shopping, travel, were changed or taken away. Your brain doesn't know what to do with that. Everything now feels unsafe, and you need protection. So it creates anxiety and fear, which will keep you safe.

Sometimes this fear is not appropriate, and sometimes it is. In this new environment, that's something we all need to navigate over time. The video here gives you a technique you can use when you're feeling fear over the future, to help recreate the safety your brain is looking for.


If you are struggling with anxiety and just can't get past it, book a free call with me-I can help!

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