Feeling Lost? Channel Your Inner Pesephone!

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2017

So Persephone has a really cool story. She and her mother, Demeter, were super close, both beautiful and lovely. Demeter made the crops fruitful all year round. One day, Persephone was out gathering flowers and Hades, the God of the Underworld stole her away, and brought down to his world. Of course, her mother was going nuts, looking everywhere for her. When she found out where she was, her wrath was insane, as any of you moms can relate to! She shut everything down- killed all the crops, and went raging all over earth. In the meantime, Persephone was super sad, but then started warming up to Hades. I picture him like the bad boy in a teen movie- brooding, kind of evil, but charismatic. Persephone had refused to eat, but Hades talked her into having 6 pomegranate seeds. Once she ate the food from Hades, she belonged there. But because Demeter was up on earth, raging it up, killing crops and such, Zeus was freaking out, because he didn’t want the humans to starve and start blaming him. He allowed Persephone to come back to earth for 6 months of the year, during which time we have spring, since Demeter is happy to have her daughter back with her.

So what does all this mean to us? I feel like Hades represents the unconscious mind, where we keep suppressed thoughts and feelings, a place we are afraid of, and resist exploring. We tend to stay on earth- in our conscious mind, where things make sense, where we are comfortable. But, as Persephone found, although it was traumatizing for her to be taken to Hades, once she gave in to the process, ate the food of the underworld, bridged the two worlds, she got relief. She was able to split her time between the 2 worlds, and became the Queen of Hades, able to help and comfort the souls who cross over, and come into her own as a woman, not just a daughter or a young girl.

Lots of us, much like Persephone, are stuck in our conscious mind, comfortable in our discomfort, not wanting to change or explore unknown territories, like our unconscious, but when we do, this is really where we are able to come into our own, and become the Queen of our new domain.

You may have times in your life where you feel like a Persephone – you may feel lost, stuck, filled with despair, there may have been a sudden change in your life. You may be in an uncomfortable situation or find yourself suddenly in unknown territory, either physically or emotionally. What you may need to do is to bypass that conscious mind, the world that is known and comfortable to you, and look for answers in your unconscious.

With NLP, we do just that. We build new pathways in your unconscious mind, pathways that lead to amazing and wonderful places. Places that can lead to wholeness, happiness and a whole new way of living.

Do you feel like Persephone? Ask me how I can help!



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