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How Limiting Beliefs are Sabotaging Your Career and How To Stop Them

Nov 18, 2019


I have worked with CEO’s to salespeople to surgeons, and the one thing they all have in common is a struggle with limiting beliefs.


We all have them, although sometimes we don’t want to admit it.

Limiting beliefs are just thoughts. Powerful, sabotaging thoughts like, Im not good enough, I probably suck at this job, I don’t deserve to make this much money, I’m a fraud, sales is hard, making money is hard.


How does this affect you? Maybe you don’t go for promotions that you know you would be great at, find yourself passed over for that new role or feel stuck in a safe but unsatisfying career. Maybe a lack of confidence is creating problems at home, that you bring into work- beliefs around money- it’s hard to make, or that you don’t deserve it.


These beliefs start in your unconscious mind.


Your unconscious mind is extremely powerful. It is where 90% of all change happens. It remembers everything, and is always looking for context. An event happens to you that creates an emotion, and then your unconscious goes looking for another similar event from the past with the same emotions and pulls it forward, creating a neuropathway of that emotion. That’s great when it’s something positive, but often, it’s a negative emotion, because our brain is wired to make the bad things big. These neuropathways get deeper the more we think/talk/experience negative emotions and they are extremely hard to break out of on your own. And the more we deepen those patterns, the more we prove to ourselves that this way of feeling or being is true.


For example, I had a client in sales who believed that sales was hard, and making money was hard. He had had a couple bad experiences early on in his career, found money was scarce, and those created a neuropathway in his brain, the belief that sales is hard, anxiety around cold calls and meetings, and he struggled to make any money. Once we were able to release those beliefs and replace them in his neurology with positive ones, his sales and confidence skyrocketed and his sales went up 200%.

You’ve probably had the experience of feeling or thinking something negative or uncomfortable that you consciously know is ridiculous, but you can’t stop. Sometimes these beliefs sound crazy when you say them out loud, but they are still there. That’s the unconscious mind, creating a pathway in your brain!

But here is the most powerful thing -  If our unconscious mind created all these pathways and emotions, we can also choose to UNCREATE them. Easier said than done, you say? Nope. It is easy and effortless. You actually can eliminate these negative beliefs, and replace them with positive ones. Beliefs like. “sales is hard” can become “sales is easy and I can create an abundance of clients” in a very short period of time. This is NOT positive affirmations, but actually changing the way you think. With the work I do with clients, we are able to change the brain at a neurological level, so old beliefs, patterns and emotions are just gone!

Curious as to how this work could make an impact in your career? Click here to book a call with me.





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