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How To Combat Your Corona Virus Anxiety

Mar 21, 2020

We are all super freaked out these days. Not only are we freaked out, but we are socially isolated, and all the normal things we might do to cope with our anxiety have been taken away- going out with friends, working out at the gym, dance class, art class, etc. And feeling in a constant state of instability is not a fun place to be in. Especially right now. 

So what can we do? Create stability in an unstable environment.

1. Realize you aren't alone. Almost everyone is feeling the same way. Reach out to a support system so you feel not so alone. 

2. Within your support system, make sure you stay positive and also talk about at least some happy and fun things. We want to reinforce those positive neuropatterns now!

3. Develop a new routine. Include healthy eating and snacks, getting outside and meditation. I have a daily routine I downloaded for my son to keep him on track during "school" days. It includes some different ways of learning and outside/exercise time.

4. Think outside the box. Maybe this is an opportunity for you. Learn something new. Take your business online. I renovated my home office, which had become a junk room, so that it is a place that makes me feel good. I'm finding it exciting to see how people are switching up their businesses!

5. Realize that it's not going to be perfect, and that's ok. There will be days where you eat too many snacks, or cry or yell at your kids because you have to teach them math. It's ok to be frustrated and sad. And then, bring yourself out of it. Breathe. Let yourself off the hook- everyone is navigating a completely new experience. 

6. Support others. Nothing takes us out of our problem as quickly as helping others. Buy from small businesses, get someone's groceries, check in on friends and families. 

7. Use this time to work on your stuff. If you already suffer from anxiety, depression or unresolved traumas, this might be bringing everything to the forefront of your brain! Reach out for help! I am working online via video chat to help my clients get through this and come out the other side!

It's true that we're all in this together. And it will pass. And all we can do is take the lessons from it. 

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