How To Create Some Time For Yourself Even If You Feel You Don’t Have One Single Second

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2018

The women I work with have no time. Every second is jam-packed with stuff. They are working, shuttling kids around, grabbing groceries, planning meals. The last thing they will do is to take any time for themselves.

What is the first thing anyone says to you when you ask them how they are? BUSY. We are all so damn busy! Business is a great distraction. If we keep super busy, there’s a lot of things we don’t have to think about. 

We are the queens of multi-tasking, right?? You don’t just get a pedicure, you get a pedicure while you’re working on my phone, or talking to a client. You don’t just watch Netflix at night, you do it while cleaning up toys, packing lunches or writing emails.

One of the things I always task my clients with is to find time for yourself. My whole process has to do with finding out who you truly are. You. Not you the mom, you the wife, you the employee. You. That authentic part of you that might be hiding under the work, chores, spit-up, exhaustion, rushing everywhere. I have some clients who don’t know what they like to do for fun, or even what they like to eat.

But if we create a space in which we have no time, how do we stop to take a breath? How do we re-discover who we are? And even if we find the time, how do we do it without guilt?

Here are some tips to help with all of that.

1. Put on your oxygen mask first. You need to nurture yourself, or you won’t have anything left to give. NO guilt here! Actually, taking time for you helps everyone around you. You will yell less at your family, have more patience, and feel more present and grounded day to day. 

2. Start small. Take 5 minutes to listen to a meditation, or do some stretches. It doesn’t have to be a spa day right away. Just take a breath and be present in the moment.

3. Get outside. Walk around the block, get some air. Sometimes you might want to include your family in your “me” time. I love long bike rides with my family. We laugh, race, and have a great time. Or go out alone and enjoy a walk or hike.

4. Schedule it in. I put my workouts in my planner, and book clients around them. If you have your time in writing, it makes it real, and you can honour that appointment with yourself.

5. Journal. What did you used to like to do? Think about what you used to like to do at different ages. What is your purpose? What do you love?

6. Make time for friends. I find this one challenging- it’s so easy to work all the time, and then just hang out with your family, because it’s so convenient . Make the effort to connect with friends. Make it a regular thing.  

7. Read a cheesy novel. Take a few minutes each night before bed and read something totally ridiculous and fun. I love mysteries. Give your brain a rest.

8. Delegate. Let someone else do stuff! And guess what? It’s totally ok if it’s not the way you would do it. The point is that you didn’t have to do it. Give your kids tasks, ask your partner for what you want and need. You don’t have to take it all on yourself. 

9. Laugh. What makes you laugh? Do you let yourself have fun? Instead of being stressed out by your kids, jump on them and tickle them. Lie on the floor with them and play. Watch a funny movie. Give yourself permission to be silly.

10. Decide. At the end of the day, you have to decide. Decide you are worth it. Decide to find what you love to do again. Decide that no-one will die if mommy takes a bath, or goes out for an hour. Decide to find who you are again. Everyone in your life will benefit.


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