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How To Get Rid of Holiday Anxiety Once and For All

Nov 26, 2019

It’s a wonderful time of the year!

Or is it?

Everyone seems so happy- excited about family get togethers, spending time with loved ones, enjoying time with relatives. But what if that doesn’t excite you at all, but merely fills you with stress, panic and anxiety?

 If you have had an abusive or difficult childhood, or have parents who are challenging, the holidays can mean a time of great unhappiness. And it’s something that we never want to talk about. Especially in front of those people who looooooove the holidays!

 And we tell ourselves to get over it. I’m an adult now, right? I shouldn’t let those old events bother me. I should be able to assert myself. I should be able to stop feeling guilty. But no matter how hard you try, how many books you read, you just can’t move past that old stuff. Those patterns replay over and over again, and all you can think about is the relief you’ll feel when it’s all done and over with.

There’s actually a reason for all that.

It’s because of what happens in your brain. Your unconscious mind stores everything that has ever happened to you. All the events that follow become links in a neurological chain. Each event has emotions attached to it. When your unconscious mind has an experience or event, it looks for context. It goes back into the past, and grabs the emotion from that first event and pulls it forward. The next time a similar event happens, it adds another emotional link in the chain. This is why when your mother calls you and says something that makes you feel hurt, guilty or upset, it’s not about what she is saying in that moment, but about the first time she made you feel that way. It has become a very strong neuro-pathway of hurt or guilt, or a pattern. And these are very hard to break on your own!


What if you could let go of the negative past events (even trauma), so there were no emotions around them?

What if you could actually have an enjoyable holiday season, on your own terms and feel completely in control of your emotions? 

The good news is that you can!

Because all of this negative stuff is created by your brain, which means we can un-create it!

We just have to eliminate the emotions from the first event, the first event in the chain.

And I do this with my clients using my Rapid Relief Method™- a quick and simple process.

We are able to eliminate all the negative emotions from events, you can let go of the past completely, so you start to behave differently.

On your own, here are a few things my clients do, in the moment, to help with that anxious feeling.

  1. Breathe. Get present in your body, in the moment. Remember that this is a fleeting moment in time and that you are in control.
  2. Ask yourself what you are meant to learn from this experience. Maybe it’s that you are a survivor, or strong or brave. Make a list of these learnings. See them positive. Keep the list with you, to look at when you need it.
  3. Close your eyes and imagine yourself 15 minutes after the successful completion of the event you are worried about. What is the best possible outcome? Put yourself in that until it feels real.

These strategies can help you get through it in the moment.

If you want to get rid of the power the past has over you, and stop that Holiday Anxiety for good, let’s talk. Click here to book a free consultation with me.

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