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How to Stop Choosing the Wrong Partner, Over and Over Again

Mar 01, 2020

I see it all the time in my practice. People choosing the wrong person over and over again. They have probably come to me because they are unsatisfied in their current relationship, but when we go back over all their past relationships, a pattern can be seen. And we tend to attract those who are fulfilling an unconscious need. 

Maybe there is always an attraction to people who are emotionally unavailable because you struggle with abandonment. Or an attraction to cheaters because there has been a family history of cheating.

Now I know, you will say, that's ridiculous- I am not choosing that! How could I be??

Here's how it works. You unconscious mind is in control of all of that, so of course you aren't consciously choosing a partner who will cheat. But you brain looks for sameness, all the time. It becomes comfortable with certain patterns- they are familiar. If you have neuro-patterns where you have felt intense abandonment, your unconscious mind will look for someone who will make that happen. And you can say as much as you want "I ONLY WANT SOMEONE WHO IS FAITHFUL AND LOVING", but your unconscious mind will keep looking for what it thinks it needs. It is actually trying to help you, but often does this in a way that doesn't serve you very well.

And these patterns keep repeating for many of us, until we can break them. We do this by working in the brain, by detaching from those old deep negative patterns, and creating new, positive neuro-pathways. I help clients by using the Rapid Relief Method, where we do this all very seamlessly, without pain or trauma, and quickly, so that you can start attracting the people who will be good for you. 

The cool thing is, that once we do the work, everything starts to change, because YOU have changed. I have had clients who have been dating someone when we start working together- someone who is part of that old pattern, and midway through our work, that person is no longer attractive to them. Because they no longer have the neurological pattern that attracted them to that person. Now they will start attracting a partner who is actually good for them.

If you struggle with relationships and just don't get it, book a free call with me and we'll sort it out!


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