Reasons You Are NOT Losing Weight

As I work with more and more women, and even just in talking to women, I hear the same limiting beliefs around weight all the time! Women say things like “I have a slow metabolism” or “Well, I am menopausal, so I know that’s why I’m gaining weight.” It makes me cringe! It makes me crazy!!

Here’s the thing- your unconscious mind is pretty much responsible for what happens to your body. It believes everything you tell it is true, and then it works really hard to make it true. If you are always looking in the mirror, thinking, “no matter what I do, I can’t lose weight”, or telling people you meet about your slow metabolism, you better believe that you can’t lose weight and that your metabolism is slow. Your unconscious mind has made it so. And then your body gives you evidence of this, so you are proving it to yourself!

This was my cycle for years. I ate clean, was always dieting, and either gained weight, or could absolutely not lose. My belief was that I always needed to diet, that even though I was dieting, it probably wouldn’t work, and that dieting and workouts worked for everyone but me. And guess what? It was true. It was true because I made it true. Frustrating, right? NO! Empowering! Because, if I can make myself hold onto weight because of my thought patterns and deep beliefs about myself, I can also get to my perfect weight, or a place where I feel good in my body, by changing those beliefs. To realize that you have control over your body is probably the best, most powerful belief you can have. It’s so cool.

I did my own NLP breakthrough around these issues, (and lots of others) but what happened, without my even realizing it was this: I started exercising because I love how it makes me feel, not because I want to look a certain way, I stopped dieting and constantly tracking my food, I began allowing myself occasional treats, I stopped thinking about my body ALL THE TIME. And what happened? I lost the weight I wanted to lose. The summer clothes that didn’t fit me last summer now fit. I’m not perfect, but I can now look in the mirror and feel like I look good (this is a huge one for me). I look and feel better than ever WITHOUT dieting or literally killing myself at the gym.

When we change the neuro patterns in your brain, get rid of the beliefs like “I can’t lose weight”, realize that was a decision that you made at some point, and replace that belief with “I can lose weight easily and effortlessly”, or whatever works for you, magic happens. For reals.

If you have any of these beliefs – let’s get rid of them, and get you to a place of success, without dieting, or doing anything crazy!

Do these sound familiar?

I can’t lose weight no matter what I do

My family is overweight. It’s genetic.

It’s too hard.

I don’t have time to exercise and plan my meals.

I have an illness or injury

It’s my age- I’m menopausal.

I can’t even look at a piece of bread, I’ll gain weight.

These limiting beliefs that you are living with are absolutely not getting you to where you want to be. Imagine the feeling of truly believing that you can lose weight, that reaching your goal weight is easy, that eating and preparing healthy food is effortless, and feeling truly good about where you are, in your body. It can SO happen. And I’d love to help you. Reach out if you need help with your beliefs around weight loss!



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