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Should You Forgive?

anxiety anxious forgiveness panic panic attack ptsd Sep 17, 2020

Forgiveness is a tricky subject. We really don't want to forgive people who have done crappy things to us. And no one can make you forgive anyone when you aren't ready. 

I always work my clients through a forgiveness process, if and when they are ready, because it's so important for complete healing.

When you hold onto anger, rage, hate, betrayal, and other negative emotions, it hurts you, NOT them. That person has no idea, and might not even care how you feel. But you know. You are still living in that pain every day if you allow yourself to stay in the hate and anger. That person is controlling you. I know it seems easier to blame others. And it can feel good for awhile. It feels vindicating. 

But you know what feels even better? Being in control of your emotional state and not feeling anything about the person who wronged you. Imagine just letting go of all of that and the space it would free up in your brain. Imagine if you controlled how you feel, instead of them?

We forgive others for ourselves- it has nothing to do with the other person. We forgive others so that we are free, and there is no more empowering act of self-love. 

There is an amazing Hawaiian process called Ho'ponopono which is all about forgiveness. You heal others by healing yourself. It is all centred around a prayer:

I'm sorry

I love you

Please forgive me

Thank you

All you can do is heal yourself. It's all about you. And when you can reach a place of total forgiveness of yourself and others, that is true freedom.

Not ready? That's ok. If you would like to get to a place of forgiveness but can't imagine how, let's talk. I can help. Book your free Breakthrough call here. 

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