Stay a Fit Goddess While You Travel!

Uncategorized May 16, 2017

I am doing a ton of travelling this summer, and my worry is always how to stay fit while I'm away, so when I come home my workouts aren't torture. Also, I work hard at the gym, and I hate to lose my gains! It's totally not fair how fast you lost what you work so hard for!

I know I always do tons of walking and swimming while I'm away in Europe, but I like to keep my muscles strong, especially because I am just getting over some injuries and I can't have my muscles get weak!

Here are some tips to keep your fitness level up, and still have fun while you travel!

1. Remember you are on vacation. Relax, and have fun. Don't obsess about getting your workouts in. (This is a challenge for me!)

2. Bring a set of resistance bands. They are super light and versatile.

3. Commit to doing a quick workout, maybe 3x/week. I usually try to do 30 minutes of weights and intervals a few times a week. I do them first thing in the morning, so all my galavanting doesn't get in the way. 

4. Enjoy food. Part of travelling is trying new foods and treating yourself. Get rid of the mindset "I'm on vacation and I'm going to eat and drink everything in sight". Because you don't deprive yourself when you are at  home (If you are following my Eat Like A Goddess plan) you don't need to go nuts while you're away. Just eat like you normally would, try new foods and enjoy them!

5. If you can't get all the workouts in that you wanted, don't beat yourself up about it. Noone has died from not working out for a couple of weeks. Know that you will get back on track when you get home.

Try this simple body weight workout!

1. Squats x 20

2. lunges x 12

3. Pushups x 12

4. 40 seconds jumping jacks

5. Diamond pushups x 12

6 Plank x 1 minute

7 Situps or crunches x 20

8. Dead Bug x 10 each side


Do this routine 3 or 4 times through. Simple!! 

If you want a Goddess workout you can take with you anywhere, on an app on your phone, check out my group - Transforming Goddesses!


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