What To Expect From Your Breakthrough!

anxiety breakthrough nlp May 30, 2018


A question I get asked a lot is, what do you do? Like, exactly?

And because my process is completely different from therapy, counselling or life coaching, I find that people are curious. And maybe a wee bit skeptical. And that's totally ok!

So here it is- here's what goes on.

You have a problem. Maybe it's anxiety. Or depression. Trauma. Overwhelm. You can't lose weight. You hate your body. You can't stop yelling at your kids. You're stuck and don't know why. 

Maybe you feel like you've tried everything. Therapy, diets, doctors. Nothing has worked. You hear about my Breakthrough process. That it is super fast (about 15 hours), painless and that I guarantee it.

You are like, "As if," but decide to give it a go, because you have tried literally EVERYTHING else. 

1. You come into my clinic, Two Rivers Health, if you're in or around Guelph. Go on a virtual tour hereIt's a beautiful, calming space with 9 other female practitioners, in all different health modalities. 

 If you don't live nearby, we will hop on Skype or FaceTime - it is the exact same process.

2. Our first session is the only time we need to talk about your problem. You are probably super sick of talking about it, anyway. And that's fine. Because once we figure out the Root problem - the actual issue - I don't need to hear the specifics any more. Because why you've come to me is with a symptom. We will get the REAL problem and get rid of it.

3. After that, we start to eliminate the pathways in your neurology that have created negative emotions, beliefs, patterns, events in your life you can't let go of. We create new, positive pathways so you can release what has been holding you down, and become the person you want to be.

4. We do this through a gentle visualization process, called Time Line Therapy.®️ It is not painful, or traumatic in the least. Afterward, you feel light, and free.

5. And we work together until you have reached all your goals for your Breakthrough. And you will. I have a 100% success rate with my clients.

So watch this video and check out my clinic

Curious? Book your Complimentary Insight Session here , and let's talk!




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