3 Ways To Conquer Mom Overwhelm!

emotions hypnosis nlp Oct 26, 2017

So, my new business is very busy, and I work alot- not only with clients, but on other facets too. Just when I’m feeling successful, I forget about Crazy Hair day at my son’s school, or realize we have no bread in the morning and have to grab him a sandwich from Tim Horton’s for lunch that day. Sometimes I forget about picture day, and I always buy him winter boots after the first snow. (Winter comes so fast!) I also really don’t want to go on field trips. Or have big birthday parties. When I help him with homework I end up yelling, and both of us cry. So what happens? All the success I feel that I have in my life goes out the window, because I develop MOM GUILT. (Also, my house is usually super messy and my son’s room is a disaster.)

Where does this MOM GUILT come from? Why do we feel that we have to be some weird image of the perfect mom? I work with many women who have this mom guilt, as well as Overwhelm. I think the guilt comes from the Overwhelm.

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