6 Ways To Start Fresh For Spring!

health weight loss wellness Apr 09, 2017

I love Spring so much. Like so much. Winter makes me feel dead inside, and the only thing that keeps me going is the promise of Spring. I love the bright warm promise of Spring, getting outside again and thawing out!

What is it about Spring that makes us so happy? The longer days, warmer weather, birds chirping, the sun- everything just seems better and brighter. Spring also is a time of re-birth, change and growth. It’s the time when we want to start something new, get rid of the old, dust the wintery cobwebs off, and start fresh. I always have the need for change in the Spring. If you have the feeling that you want to change some things, but don’t quite know what, here are some ideas for Spring Change!

1.Clear away physical clutter. You know the term “spring cleaning”? It exists for a reason. Get rid of stuff this month! You will feel lighter! Clean out your bedroom closet and the clothes that haven’t fit since you were 17. I took an entire carload of...

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Reasons You Are NOT Losing Weight

As I work with more and more women, and even just in talking to women, I hear the same limiting beliefs around weight all the time! Women say things like “I have a slow metabolism” or “Well, I am menopausal, so I know that’s why I’m gaining weight.” It makes me cringe! It makes me crazy!!

Here’s the thing- your unconscious mind is pretty much responsible for what happens to your body. It believes everything you tell it is true, and then it works really hard to make it true. If you are always looking in the mirror, thinking, “no matter what I do, I can’t lose weight”, or telling people you meet about your slow metabolism, you better believe that you can’t lose weight and that your metabolism is slow. Your unconscious mind has made it so. And then your body gives you evidence of this, so you are proving it to yourself!

This was my cycle for years. I ate clean, was always dieting, and either gained weight, or could...

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