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Busted! Don’t Believe These Myths About Mental Health!

  • Eleni Kapetanios

Categories: Anxiety Attacks , Depression Treatment , Life Coaching

Over the years, people have become more sensitive toward issues concerning mental health. Seeking therapy was mainly considered taboo, owing to which several myths regarding mental health have surfaced all these years.

Believing these myths can hinder one’s mental health journey and impede their healing, so it is important to seek professional help immediately rather than believing these myths.

To help you stay informed and avoid these misunderstandings, BreakThrough With Eleni has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about mental health.

Myth 1: One needs to talk endlessly about their problem to heal
This is not true! In fact, the more we talk about our problems, the more we build those negative neural pathways in the brain. My proven process allows healing without having to talk nonstop about your problem because we work to change the pathways in your brain that have created the problem.

Myth 2: It is impossible to heal because the majority of people believe so
Many believe they will never heal because of what they have been told. This is not true. If we find the root problem and work to heal it neurologically, our problem can be healed.

Myth 3: It is equally ineffective as traditional therapy
Many of my clients who come to me have been in traditional therapy for years and don’t feel any better. If any healing modality is not working for you after several months, you need to consider alternatives. You can absolutely heal from anxiety, PTSD, and depression as long as you’re using the right strategies.

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