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Is this you?

  • Tried all kinds of ways to heal, like therapy and self-help, but nothing is working
  • Feel anxious
  • Feel depressed
  • Desperately want to feel positive but just can't get there
  • Feel alone
  • Have been following Eleni but aren't quite ready to commit to her one on one program
  • Struggle with controlling your emotions

Do you want.. 

  • To feel at peace
  • To be in control of your emotions
  • To learn techniques to keep you in charge of any situation
  • To connect with a community that shares your challenges and can help
  • To feel supported and understood
  • To feel motivated and like you are consistantly feeling better
  • To feel in control of your life

Here's what your membership includes:

Monthly Live Group Zoom Meeting

Watch Eleni guide clients to release negative emotions and follow along, ask questions and end the meeting with a relaxing hypnosis session

Monthly Brain Changing Technique

Each month, Eleni will release a video with a technique to help you change your brain.

Monthly Meditation or Hypnosis

Keep the brain changes going, with meditations and hypnosis

Early Access to Exclusive Podcasts

Get access to exclusive podcasts on all the things to help you keep emotional control, change your brain and deal with all your stuff.

Access to the Bliss Community page

It's like a Facebook group, but better. It's completely private and Eleni will be posting content here, answering questions and supporting you. 

I'm Eleni.

You might have been following me for awhile, not quite ready to jump into my Rapid Relief Method Breakthrough work. Maybe you are completely new to me and my work. This membership is a starting point. A place where you can explore the brain work I help with, connect with others who share the same challenges, and start to change your brain, your emotional responses and your behaviours.

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