Find My Bliss: My Independent Breakthrough!

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My clients invest $5 - 10k to work with me, one on one...

and one day I thought, I wonder if my breakthrough process could work for motivated people, who really want to heal, in an online format, so they could get great results at a lower price point?

And it does work! Clients are loving this process, that they can do on their own schedule, with support from me. Learn the secrets my clients know about how to heal their past, release negative emotions and beliefs that are keeping them stuck, and how to control their emotions and behaviours in all situations. 

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12 Online Modules

Work through each module to learn how to release negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. Work through limiting beliefs and anxiety too.

Private Facebook Group

This is where Eleni will do lives, sometimes live emotion releases, and where you can share your experiences and questions.

Find Your Root Problem

Just like Eleni does when she works one one one with a client, she will help you find your root problem, through a series of journaling exercises and videos.



With each module, you receive a new mediation, to keep the positive changes in your brain happening!

Brain Changing Techniques

Each module has a technique you will learn and practice to control feelings you want to conquer, like anger, fear and anxiety.






  • Calm and peace in brain 

  •  NO overwhelm

  •  Clarity of thought 

  •  Control over your emotions 

  •  Forgiveness of self and others 

  •  Clarity around behaviour-realize why you get “triggered” and learn how to choose your  behaviour and actions 

  •  Better sleep 

  •  Get “unstuck” and able to move to the next level  

  •  More patient and less frustration 

  •  Get more accomplished

  • Release old events from the past, so you can move forward from them



Let's get you to bliss!

Find My Bliss: Independent Breakthrough


Top features

  • Discover Your Root Problem
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Online modules
  • Targeted Meditations
  • Brain Changing Techniques
  • Release anger, sadness, fear hurt and guilt
  • Journalling Prompts

Find My Bliss: VIP Breakthrough


Most Popular

  • Discover Your Root Problem
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Online modules
  • Targeted Meditations
  • Brain Changing Techniques
  • Release anger, sadness, fear hurt and guilt
  • Journalling Prompts
  • 3 one one one sessions with Eleni to work through places where you get stuck, or to release trauma.

What my clients say...


"Even though outwardly I seemed extremely successful, I never felt good enough inside. Eleni and I discovered that I had always felt inadequate, and that's where my anger was coming from. It wasn't anger at all, but a deep sense of shame. I had been to anger management and therapy in the past, but this had never been addressed. I could use all their strategies, but at the end of the day, the anger was still there. After working with Eleni, it was just gone. No outbursts, no punching walls. I feel really good about myself for the first time ever. I seriously can't believe the changes this has made in my life. Thank you!"


"So this girl deserves a huge shoutout! I have been working with Eleni Kapetanios for the past few weeks on the rewiring of my thought process and removing limiting beliefs. I'd been to counselling and therapy in the past, and none of that compares to the results I have gained from the neuro linguistic programming she specializes in! My thoughts have been so clear and razor sharp on where I am going, and where I want to go. Eleni, thank you so much for the work that you do! The results have been incredible so far and I am looking forward to hitting my future milestones now, which were once lost for me!!"


"Instead of learning to live well with chronic illness and accept being sick, I've been learning to just be well! I worked with Eleni, using her program to break thought patterns contributing to my illnesses, removing trauma, and envisioning full health. I had changed my diet dramatically, worked with psychologists, physical therapists, tried various medications and herbal remedies. All of these modalities did help my symptoms, but nothing has been as profound as doing a breakthrough with Eleni. I'm free of fear surrounding my illness, my insomnia is almost gone, and my energy improved."


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