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I'm Eleni. I have struggled with PTSD, anxiety and disordered eating. About 15 years ago I was pregnant, and everything was going as expected. Then, at only 26 weeks pregnant I went into labour and had my son. He was only 2 pounds when he was born, and we almost lost him several times. I was in survival mode for the 3 months he was in the hospital. When we brought him home, I was still anxious and crying constantly.

I had no idea I was suffering from trauma.

I had always had a low self image, and I found myself started to diet and restrict food while exercising excessively.

I was miserable, and didn't know what to do. I met an NLP coach and what she said about her process really appealed to me, so I started working with her. I was desperate to feel better, but didn't really think it would work. I felt better so fast, and became fascinated by what this strange and different process was, so I became certified. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Eleni has been recognized as one of the Top NLP Coaches by Coach Foundation

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