"So this girl deserves a huge shoutout! I have been working with Eleni Kapetanios for the past few weeks on the rewiring of my thought process and removing limiting beliefs.

I'd been to counselling and therapy in the past, and none of that compares to the results I have gained from the neuro linguistic programming she specializes in! My thoughts have been so clear and razor sharp on where I am going, and where I want to go.

Eleni, thank you so much for the work that you do! The results have been incredible so far and I am looking forward to hitting my future milestones now, which were once lost for me!!"

-Melissa B



"Eleni Kapetanios is my hero! Many of you know that I have had troubles sleeping for a while. To be more precise, I haven't had a solid 8 hour sleep in nearly 9 years. Yes, that's right. I've been walking the earth like a zombie for that long. I don't wake up once or twice, but I'm a sleepwalker, my dreams come alive every single night, somewhere between 5-12 times each night. They are often terrifying and always exhausting.

I have tried EVERY single natural (and even a couple not so natural) sleep aids, I have gone to a naturopathic doctor and tried a homeopathic remedy as well as acupuncture. My family doctor referred me to a sleep specialist who denied the referral because they couldn't help me. They referred me to a psychologist for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and they couldn't find anyone to help me.

Then, along comes Eleni. She is my Breakthrough Specialist. She helped my identify the root cause(s) of these dreams and then we just took them away! Incredible! I haven't slept this deeply in such a long time! This is life changing for me! I owe her an enormous amount of gratitude! Not only can I sleep, but I can focus, I'm always happy, I'm empowered! I'm no longer carrying with me all of this negative energy and burdening emotions. It's so freeing! For those of you that know my pain and struggles with sleep, you must understand how unbelievably ecstatic I am! For the rest of you, just imagine your biggest wish coming true. I believe that anyone that is stuck with limiting beliefs could benefit from the wondrous work of Eleni.'

- Julie Potvin 



"I worked with Eleni to lose over 60 pounds. We worked on my limiting beliefs around my body and I was able to adopt a healthier diet and start working out. I feel great, and my confidence is amazing!"

-Dr. Jen L




"I started working with Eleni when I heard her discussing NLP with a friend at a party. The subject and idea behind it had me really curious to learn more. I wasn't sure I believed in all of this "crazy voodoo magic" she was talking about, but thought I could use some help managing my emotions, so why not ? !

I went to Eleni with the desire to be a "calmer Mommy" with my kids. I hate feeling like that cartoon character with steam coming out of their ears. I figured anything I could gain would be an improvement over how I was feeling then.

I think it was the first or second session that I got the real impact of what this "stuff" was all about. I didn't believe the things that were coming out of me. We definitely got to the "root" of my emotions (which weren't what I expected) and dealt with that root cause accordingly. And we tackled some other things while we were at it.

I am thrilled to report that I have not gotten to that same frustration level with my kids (not even once) since starting seeing Eleni. I still get angry or frustrated with them, as is expected from time to time, but I'm much calmer in the moment. I am really impressed with my patience now!

Life has been much calmer for me lately. Not because life has changed, but my outlook has, and how I deal with it has changed. I think I feel differently about myself, and that changes how things get mirrored back at me. So I see improvements in other relationships and aspects of my life too.

I can't thank Eleni enough for introducing me to her "crazy voodoo magic" (yep, that's what we call it). I don't understand it. I never would have believed it. But it works!"

- Jennifer Arneill



"I just wanted to let you know that I have 2 jobs now, I'm off my meds, barely having anxiety. Last night Evan and I had a wonderful meal and there was lots of food around me and I didn't freak out once! I'm still loving my body so much. Even though my financial situation isn't the best I am able to stay calm a lot more easier now. My parents and Evan have seen lots of changes and are so proud of me. 

I need to say THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID FOR ME. The help you gave me is something that I will never forget. My life is so much better and all mine now because of you.

You have no Idea what you mean to me. You changed my life so much. You believed in me and helped me realize my full worth and potential. I can actually live life now and fully participate in it instead of just coasting by in everything. You are an angel to all of us that you help. What you do is amazing.
Thank you thank you thank you! "

- Kristie Forshaw



"I did a Breakthrough with Eleni, and she was thorough! I've had this problem for 20 years, and at the end of 6 - 7 hours, I couldn't even remember what the problem was! She is amazing! Thank you so much Eleni! I am so excited about the incredible results!"

- Elaine Turcotte




"Eleni is an enormously talented and empowering coach. She has helped me overcome significant limiting beliefs and negative emotions that were holding me back. Her kind, caring approach allowed me to become the person I am today. Need a coach? Call Eleni!!"

- Beth Charles



"Before I started working with Eleni I was consumed with worrying about what other people were thinking and feeling and putting everyone else head of myself. My work with Eleni showed me many things but the most powerful was worthiness . Feeling worthy of being happy, to take care of myself and to live and enjoy the present. This has been a profound change for me , my stress level is lower, my ambition is higher and I am content for the first time is as long as I can remember."

- Alison  


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