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Unlock your self-love and adore who you see in the mirror TODAY (no matter how many stretchmarks, rolls, or wrinkles you have)

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STOP emotional eating immediately... You'll never yo-yo diet again!

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Recognize and CRUSH the self-sabotaging that comes up when you start making changes...

What Would the Quality of Your Life Be Like If...

...you could stop feeling stuck, stop emotional eating, and absolutely love who you see in the mirror WITHOUT it taking years of struggle and therapy?

Have you ever noticed how some women out there, that are seemingly less disciplined than you and maybe even not as smart as you are, seem to have no problem eating what they want and being confident and happy, whilst you continue to spin your wheels trying to figure out why it's not all clicking together for you?
And you start to even think to yourself that luck must have something to do with it all... which is a discouraging thought because it means you have no control over your body and your happiness. 
The good news - it's definitely not luck... those that manage to consistently feel amazing about their bodies have hit a few mindset tricks on the head...

What do you need to SUCCEED in truly loving your body, once and for all?

Don't believe a breakthrough can happen quickly?

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"I worked with Eleni to lose over 60 pounds. We worked on my limiting beliefs around my body and I was able to adopt a healthier diet and start working out. I feel great, and my confidence is amazing!"

Dr. Jen L.

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Eleni Kapetanios is a Breakthrough Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, making her mark on the world by helping women love themselves NOW, WITHOUT years of struggle and therapy.

Eleni started her journey as a personal trainer, learning the ins and outs of helping women achieve their fitness goals. After conquering an eating disorder and mom guilt, Eleni transformed her passion and love for health into the body love breakthrough coaching she provides today.


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