Are You Ready?

Totally ready to get rid of your problem for good?

To heal quickly, without talking about your problem, over and over again?

To be in complete control of your life and create change in all the areas that matter?

To painlessly eliminate issues that have plagued you for years?

Thought so.

Watch this video if you want change in your life.

Imagine This....

  • Total freedom from PTSD or trauma
  • Deep inner sense of worthiness
  • Complete clarity of thought
  • Letting go of painful past events, completely- so you never even think of them
  • Eliminating sexual problems or barriers in your relationship, so you feel sexy, loved and loving
  • Feeling calm and confident, instead of anxious
  • Ready to take on new projects, new adventures, and get out of bed excited about your life 

How Do You Achieve These Results?

There are 3 ways to work with me. You must first book a breakthrough call and apply for my programs. I only work with people who are dedicated and ready to change.

Bridge to Bliss- Membership Program

You are self-directed and motivated to change, and budget is an issue.


  • Proven Brain Changing Techniques to Control Emotions
  • Journaling Prompts
  • Meditations
  • Hypnosis
  • LIVE Zoom Coaching Call Each Month 
BUY NOW- Only $30/month


You want results yesterday! This package includes personalized programming and attention.

This is an exclusive, completely personalized program, and includes:

  • Access to Exclusive Membership Portal
  • Initial Baseline Testing/ Post Process Testing
  • One on one Rapid Relief Method ™ coaching including Time Line Therapy®️
  • Month One Intensive, then weekly sessions that include
  •  Alignment of Values
  • Goal Setting
  • Results in the areas of life you need most.



Rapid Relief Group Coaching

You thrive with group support and want a program to fit your budget. You will do some work on your own, but also want attention and accountability.

12 week program that takes you through the release of negative emotions, and beliefs. There are modules to go through on your own, and a group call every week.  

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I Only Work With People Who Are:

  • Action takers
  • Willing to invest in themselves
  • OVER having this problem and are totally ready to let it go
  • Coachable and ready to give over to the process
  • Committed to whatever it takes to get the results they want


Yes, I want in on this program!

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